Years experience: 11

Position: Nano Development & NPSP

Michael Schindele is a 11 year US Air Force veteran Captain in Communications. In 2005, he crossed over to the private sector in eCommerce. Formulating dietary supplements has proven many successful brands. Michael's expertise lies in supplement development, inventory control, and point of sale to shipping. Michael owns Nano Rush the leading eCommerce and distribution site for NANO technology. He heads up our nano technology development.

Years of experience: 25
Position: Chairman and C.E.O.

Edward is a Hospital profitability and HAI expert. His hands-on experience ranges from efficiency management, merchandising and professional sales. Edward is the Founding partner in Nutrecs and has established other hi-technology firms specializing in RFID, I.P. and NIR Spectroscopy. Mr. Wagner's current ventures are in the unique fields of eCS, Nano and molecular delivery. The purpose is to vastly improve patient outcome via cellular control & proper molecular delivery of natural precursors to the Brain. Nutrecs improves life by specifically strengthening the bodies neurology to signal and repair, hence creating a considerably more reliable & improved patient outcome at a more affordable price.

Alphabetical Order

Years of experience: 29
Position: Financial Officer

Ricardo has a Degree in finance and previous President Texas Society of Enrolled Agents. Mr. Rivas is a fellow of National Tax Practice Institute and life member Delta Mu Delta honor society in business. Mr. Rivas is a tax and business finance consultant with additional expertise in merchandise tracking and hybrid business development. His role with Nutrecs is whole system tracking.


Years of experience:10

Position: President

Mr Chase is a consultant and entrepreneur in the Health and Processing Industries and specializes in Customer Service and Project Management with a successful track record of B2B Inside and Outside Sales. Brian is the preeminent expert in hybrid medical models and product implementation into private medical practice. Brian heads up local and global product implementation for Nutrecs.  


Years of experience: 25

Position: Head of eCS Neurology

Chip began his public career with Bell, Phillips Petroleum and Williams Communication on projects within the NFL, PGA, NBA, NHL, ESPN and various other top national news organizations. His private career began in health and wellness and is today one of the leading eCS experts in the nation. Chip owns GnuPharma, a development laboratory for eCS neurological signaling and ingestible precursors. He heads up our eCS science department and is solely responsible for founding stacked precursor technology.  

Years of experience: 25
Position: Medical Development & Manufacturing

Dr. Serna is an American industrialist, entrepreneur and Honored Marine. Tony has a Masters in Science & Natural Medicine. Owner of LS Labs with specialty in Transdermal Meds. He is a multi-business owner in Nutrition, Medical, Manufacturing & MLM. Tony specializes in all stages of business development and Roll-Out.

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