Within residual models your front desk reception or office staff handles the work. They receive a substantial raise at NO cost to you as they generate hundreds of thousands in residual revenue.

Residuals are the newest and most productive financial models in the business industry. While you will appreciate the additional income such models spin off, you will likewise appreciate the freedom and relaxed atmosphere created by the new stream of reliable revenue

As a businessperson, you must wonder how expensive or difficult residual models are implement and maintain? They are not. That's the best news. We are a program designed for businessmen by professionals and spending only 5 minutes with us in understanding the residual model will lay all questions to rest. We understand business. The model is designed to perform with minimum effort to simplify business, not complicate it.

Nutrecs Residual models are easy to operate. They feel like a cohesive part of your business and they lower the cost of various inventory items by 70%. 


Your success is assured

We convert a small percent of you clients into residual clients 

Simply converting a small percentage of your clients into residual clients assures you of extra tens's of thousands per month. It simple for any health based business. You need not hire an assistant, increase staff, add overhead or increase patient recruiting. It operates off you existing client base. A small percentage of your current patient base is converted into residual clients (which they happily do) to create a compound model of income. This allows you to quickly increase your profits like you have never experience before. This compound model is achieved with little effort, expense or risk.

Nutrecs is unique in many ways.

Once our Plug & Play model is placed into your business, the Residual model creates an entirely new stream of income that simultaneously improves client outcome. This additional revenue is permanent and can offset all past & present losses to slow business, inexperience and even offset all past CPT code deduction. CPT code losses in themselves can equate to millions in additional revenue.

We often confront insurance-based models to where the practice has lost 50% of previous revenue because of insurance changes. With but little effort Residual models can recoup those losses.

The Nutrecs residual model is designed to operates autonomously and quietly with your current business model. It requires no continuing support from the business and allows you to operate without interference. The business industry has never seen a more profitable and affordable revenue model. 

The residual model is best appreciated when the business seeks quick additional revenue, increased returns or the owner wishes to retire.