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 *Above calculations assume that only 35% of patients initially participate in residual models of improved patient outcome. Then calculation assumes that of those 35%, over 80% of patients per year pass-away and or move off the program. Residual models are safe, conservative, low patient compliance models of business. 

Works the same in all health consumable programs

The spreadsheets below show an example of a small business compound plug-in. 

​Below: Image 1 is a Spreadsheet sample of a average size private health practice office with 20 clients per day operating 26 days per month. The effort required to generate additional income only required 15 seconds per client. Simplifying effort & income. Calculation assumes this is a new program starting on month #1. The growth is OUTSTANDING!. If you have a more clients simply multiply. 40 clients would be double and 10 clients would be

approximately half the revenue


1. The new stream of monthly income is shown on line 35. The monthly income travels horizontal starting on month 1. It's highlighted in yellow. First month income shows $2,274.55. Second month shows $4,435.36 etc. If you were to continue forward to month #10 your residuals would have built to $18,030.55 monthly. Your residuals would continue from that point forward paying-out income every month for life. Note: Every business Spreadsheet will be different depending on your practice specialty, but the below Spreadsheet is an accurate interpretation of a simple residual model.


Lets assume you retired in only 2 years: 

2. Line 38 identifies your 1st Year additional net-net income from month 1 to month 12. $148,125.50

3. Line 39 identifies your second year additional net income (month 13 to month 24). $316,145.73

4. If you retired the practice on month 24, line 41 identifies yearly residual revenue payout for third year. So,

3rd year, 4th year, 5th year and so on would equal approximately $293,327.73 yearly for life.

If you do not retire the business residuals would continue to grow.

Remember: this is additional income on top of your current net income. 

Yes, it is compelling residual revenue added to your businesses bottom line, but what is most interesting is the low cost and ease by which the residual model is implemented.  

Residual programs are truly the best revenue models in the health industry. Additional net profit. A secondary stream of income built off current client base. 

Its much more powerful than compound income


Residual Income

Residual Revenue Income (RMI) is compounded revenue payout. Its similar to compound savings. Major difference being RMI compounds their growth without need of savings or cash assets. So it grows without tying up saving. RMI compounds by a factor of 2, 4, 6, 8 etc. Hence continually compounding  the pay-out to its owner. This is the most powerful form of your revenue growth and it requires but little effort.

Very Exciting !

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