What we do within our Nutrecs model and how you benefit:

Nutrecs fully trains your staff

  • Nutrecs fully trains your staff
  • Four tier corporate support for life long staff training
  • We set up 3rd party accounting to allow you to fully track all your new profit
  • We implement 3-tier patient support to resolve all questions and concerns
  • Nutrecs is the only MP model in the nation that actively cross-sells to increase your profit
  • 100% refund program for your practice
  • 100% refund program for your patients
  • 100% product guarantee
  • Fast Track sales and product tracking
  • Free MP Models
  • Free accounting and on-line computer tracking
  • Free client & patient support
  • $100 million dollar insurance on your MP model, so earn money and retire with confidence
  • Insta-Quick-Solution instantly resolves credit card authorization and payments
  • Real live gateway in the event of electrical failure or internet delays
  • Real live gateway in event of a patient CC denial

Servicing your patients within Nutrecs models help in the following:

  • Increases customer loyalty
  • Product knowledge
  • Cross selling and up selling products
  • Increase the amount of money each customer spends with your business
  • Increase how often a customer buys from you
  • Generate positive feedback and testimonials thereby enhancing reputation
  • Eliminate buying barriers 

Excellent customer service is the following:

  • Treating your customers respectfully
  • Following up on feedback
  • Handling complaints and returns gracefully
  • Understanding your customers' needs and wants
  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Going out of your way to help 

NutrECS understand how to cross-sell and earn you patient's loyalty so to

continually increase profitably of residual models of business.

Support is a key component of our program. Nutrecs has leading class customer service programs for you and your patients. We are the only residual program in the country that follows through with your clients.