Residual income is the most creative form of medical revenue in the past 10 years 

*Sample: 20 clients per day business. Monthly income (yellow - highlight) shows a second streams of additional income starting from month one of implementation while leaving your original business income intact.

How fast does it work?


We create streams of new income

Just look at our small business example of 20 clients per day, 6 days per week: The new stream of monthly income appears on line 35. Look at the RESIDUAL REVENUE after 2nd year on line 39 ($316,145.73). This additional net income is yearly, for life! Residual programs are truly the best revenue models in the business industry. They are mostly unknown by the retail industry. They do not require continued effort or expenses. Making it a favorite source of income for the knowledgeable and wealthy. 

The Residual Model is a simple "plug and play" design that allows all health based businesses to duplicate their current net income via residual income principles. Residual revenue are continually voted as the #1 source of most desirable income. The model consistently maintains and increases a patient's business with you, without their need of visiting your practice/business. It matters not that they move out of town, to a competitor or our of State. They business with you continually increases. I other words, you generate income when they are away from your practice. It rapidly grows without your effort. This automated system of growth is widely accepted by patients/clients and they see the model as an essential step in improving & maintaining their health. Its is vital for most.

Not only does this business model quickly spin off significant amounts of income, but the income is continual & residual. Therefor it continues to pay-out the same large revenue throughout your retirement. Making it more valuable than savings. Imagine continual cash flow during your retirement, or retiring without the need to tie up your hard earned savings.

This is not some passive investment plan, MLM or of Network project. This is a pure Residual transaction that is generated based upon smart accounting principles. You clients are always grateful for improved health outcome

1. It works for medical practices, pharmacies, vitamin stores, weight loss centers, health clubs, tanning centers, protein

    shops, sleep centers, pain facilities and dozens of other businesses who supply healthcare.

2. It can supplement all past & present loses due to CPT Code reimbursement and government intervention. 

2. It can be used to quickly turn around a struggling retail business or move a business owner into early retirement.

3. It does not tie-up or limit the use of any assets. Its entirely self reliant.

4. A Residual Model is not an investment or a passive type of income. It's a low cost, low effort, low compliance, high- income accounting model of business that generates large amount of new income you not currently capturing.

 There is no simpler or more profitable system of income known to healthcare type business. Once an owner understands the benefit of residual models, it quickly becomes their number one source of income. Do you have any residual income programs? Why not?